Warburton’s Wednesbury Bakery puts Fosse Liquitrol’s Spill Training into Practice

Project Description
Miles Hillmann, Managing Director of Fosse Liquitrol, presneted Garry Warhurst, Hygiene and Stores Manager at Warburton’s in Wednesbury with a plaque to display in the premises in recognition of the fact that staff at the site have successfully completed the Oil and Chemical Spillage Prevention and Control Training.

Within 24 hours of receiving Certified Spillage Response Training from Fosse Liquitrol, staff at Warburton’s Wednesbury bakery had to put what they had learned into practice.

Four members of staff at the West Midlands location, including Garry Warhurst, Hygiene and Stores Manager, attended the training session.

Garry says that all the points were explained and demonstrated clearly and everyone who took part felt that they had benefitted.

This was proved the very next day when contractors working on the site put what they believed to be an empty drum into a skip. The drum still had some of its contents and inevitably began to leak.

Garry and his team dealt with the issue quickly – putting their training from the previous day to good use!

We were delighted with the way the hygiene operatives coped with the situation and we are sure this was in no small way as a result of the Fosse Liquitrol training”

“Obviously in premises such as ours being able to respond quickly and effectively to spills is paramount and the course has strengthened our ability to do this
Garry Warhurst, Hygiene and Stores Manager – Warburton’s Wednesbury Bakery