Site Survey at East Midlands Airport, UK

Project Description
East Midlands Airport is a fast growing international airport and an accident resulting in chemical or oil spillage has the potential to cause serious disruption.

Recognised as the experts in spill response, Fosse Liquitrol were asked by East Midlands airport to carry out a thorough site survey. Mark Neale, who has commercial airports experience and Tom Elkington our most experienced specialist, carried out the survey with our distributor and the facilities manager from East Midlands Airport.

This involved a detailed report of all areas airside, including refuelling operations, transportation, storage, loading and unloading of fluids, plant and drainage systems, in order to help put together a complete Spill Response Programme.

The Spill Response Programme results in the siting of Fosse Liquitrol spill kits at strategic points throughout the area of operations airside. Following an initial visit a further request was made by East Midlands Airport to help advise on the assembling of a Spill Response Trailer. This will be operated by the Fire Department to assist in the event of potential larger spills.

Training of the operations staff in the application of the Spill Response Programme is following. (Training programmes specifically in liquid spillage prevention practices usually involve all operator and supervisor levels.)

This Case Study is an example of how effectively we can help distributors where they have clients who require improved protection from liquid spillages or who require assistance in preparing for the Environmental Standard ISO 14000.