Site Assessment and Bund Relining at NSK

Product Description
NSK Europe Ltd is a leading manufacturer of ball and roller bearings based in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

NSK decided to go for ISO 14001 Environmental standard and invited Fosse Liquitrol to carry out a Site Assessment of the potential liquid spill risk on site.

The major issues on site related to the storage of fuels and oils in various locations around the site outside.

After considering a number of alternatives, it was decided to centralise Oil and Fuel Storage in a bunded Main Storage Area and to ensure that area was fully protected and impermeable by lining the bunded area with a GRP lining.

Fosse Liquitrol carried out the bund lining work for NSK and provided the spillkits and spillpallets to go with it.

“This was an excellent overall service for assessing potential spill risk and providing practical solutions.”
Peter Cropper, Environmental Manager at NSK

The bunded area is adjacent to an interceptor, however the area is quite large and accumulated rainfall would need to be pumped out and disposed of by a contractor which would be a substantial regular expense. Consequently a Bund Water Control Unit was installed in a sump within the bund to automatically pump clean water out while detecting and alarming in the case of any oil or fuel leaks into the bund.
BSI, the accrediting body for ISO 14001, believes that provision of impermeable secondary containment and the right equipment is essential but without full awareness on behalf of the operators it would be money wasted. Therefore Fosse Liquitrol provided accredited Spill Awareness and Response Training to 6 team leaders who then, in turn, trained their teams.

“Our experienced team leaders found the training exceedingly valuable and stimulating and felt it equipped them to ensure their teams were aware of the spill control prevention and response issues and adopted best available practice.”
Peter Cropper, Environmental Manager at NSK