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Spill Aid Caddy Kit SK-03-008

  • Suitable for oil only based liquids, fuels, lubricants and hydrocarbon based products.

  • Suitable for aggressive chemicals, acids, alkalis and water based products.

  • Suitable for general maintenance oil and water based solvents, coolants and mild chemicals based products.

Spill Aid Caddy Kit SK-03-008

  • Spill-Aid Caddy Kit, an emergency spill control kit that comes in the form of an A-frame that can flatten down for storage
  • Contains everything needed for a spill in one portable, lightweight package
  • Fast-acting absorbent granule that leaves surfaces dry in seconds
  • Instantly containing and cleaning up a spill
  • Multiple uses as an emergency spill response solution
  • Absorbs up to 30 times more liquid than standard clay granules
  • Leaves no residue, surfaces are left clean and dry further reducing the risk of slips
  • Absorbs a vast majority of liquids including all oils, fuel, water, chemicals, acids (excluding Hydrofluoric Acid), paint, adhesives, food liquids, alcohol, soft drinks and all body and animal waste fluids
  • Suitable for use on ceramic tiles, wood, metals, carpet, concrete, upholstery, leather, plastics, tarmac, brickwork and even grass
  • No chemicals – Derived from Perlite, a naturally occurring volcanic glass
  • Also available in a 5 Litre Pouch & 30 litre bag
  • Just 5 litres of granules will absorb 3.5 litres of fluid (dependent on the spill)
  • Kit includes – A Frame Caddy, Dustpan & Brush, 5 Litre Spill Aid Pouch, 1 Disposal Bag & Zip Tie
DimensionsPack TypeCapacityPack Quantity
Unit3.5 Litres1
Pack Type
3.5 Litres
Pack Quantity
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