Fosse Liquitrol Provide Spillage Response Training to Kingspan

Product Description
Kingspan Metl-Con Ltd regard spill prevention and control training as a vital component to their ISO 14001 program.

ISO 14001 Registration requires accredited training in key environmental issues. Kingspan Metl-Con Ltd, leading UK manufacturers of steel structural products, asked Fosse Liquitrol to provide spill prevention and control training to its first line operators in their transport activities. A group of shunter drivers, fork lift drivers, maintenance engineers together with team leaders and the Safety Manager took part in the course on their site at Malton in Yorkshire.

“The training was pitched at exactly the right level. It contained a nice balance between the classroom sessions and the practical spill sessions outside. We intend to roll out the course to our other sites”
Anthony Webster, Safety Manager – Kingspan Metl-Con Ltd

Each participant who qualified received certificate of the British Safety Industry Accredited Course from Fosse Liquitrol.