Flood Protection


Following a site visit it was noted there were a number of used sandbags in the stores area. The customer explained that the site was prone to flood damage and had been flooded a number of times during the  last few years. These sandbags had been provided free of charge by Yorkshire Water as a method of emergency defence.

Issue to be resolved

The customer had installed a metal panel system to all of the premises external doors, these can be positioned when the alarm is raised to a possible flood. Whist these barriers hold back some of the water there is still leakage at the joints which is presently plugged by the use of sandbags. These sandbags are starting to deteriorate resulting in the contaminated sand escaping. As these bags have been used they are not pleasant to smell and have in the workplace.

Action taken

Fosse presented  the HydroSnake and HydroSack as an alternative to the existing sandbags.  Samples were left which the customer trialled and found to be a more suitable form of defence. The customer has now built into his flood protection awareness documentation the need for the HydroSnakes as part of the procedure. These are stored alongside the barriers ready for use when required. The companies spill response team who are responsible for installing the barriers have all been instructed in the correct use of the product.

The existing sandbags have now been disposed of creating more space in the stores and a more pleasant environment.