Drain Protection


Request from a customer to review their external spill control measures to ensure they are fit for purpose and that any liquids on site are stored in compliance with current regulations.

Issue to be resolved

Concern was raised on the day to an external surface water drain–Blue shown in the picture opposite.

This drain is within 3m of the customers oil and chemical store which flows into a brook and then into the river Trent It was recommended that this drain would need to be shut off in the event of any spillage to prevent any contaminated material entering the river, which may result in legal action being taken and prevent any environmental fines and clean up costs to the client.

Action taken

 We recommended that due  to the large 36inch diameter pipe work at the outflow of the drain into the brook a 900mm manually activated penstock closure device be fitted to isolate the site in the event of a spillage.

This work involve a 2-man team being based on site for 3 days.