Birth of the Plant Nappy: Central Maintrain

As part of their ongoing commitment to improving environmental performance, staff at Central Maintrain’s Tyseley Depot identified a potential issue concerning the release of various oils and coolants from components that had been removed from trains during regular maintenance and refurbishment schedules.

Potential leaks from these and other pieces of equipment being stored outside the workshop could easily migrate towards nearby storm water drains with the consequential pollution of the water environment a real threat.

An invitation to assess the problem was extended to Fosse Liquitrol in the hope that a practical and cost effective solution could be found. A comprehensive and meticulous examination of the processes involved during the removal and storage of the engines and their sub assemblies was undertaken. The information was then scrutinised and a proposal put forward for the introduction of a new and unique product called the ‘plant nappy’.

The Plant Nappy® appealed to Maintrain on a number of levels not least of all because it possessed the unique ability to capture and absorb oils and fuels whilst simultaneously allowing the release of clean rainwater. Hydrocarbon contamination is removed from the rainwater through the use of a clever filtration system. The robust and flexible nature of the Plant nappy meant that the movement of components into and out off the nappy was both quick and simple.
Maintrain ordered a Plant Nappy specifically manufactured to their precise requirements in order to accommodate a wide range of engines and other equipment. So successful was this product that additional orders have now been received.

The Plant Nappy has proven itself to be both practical and cost effective but more importantly has helped to eliminate a potential environmental risk.