Allianz Cornhill Appoint Fosse Liquitrol as Preferred Supplier

Product Description
Allianz Cornhill is the first major insurance company to help its customers minimise the risk of environmental pollution by actively promoting the importance of spill risk management. The company is now recommending that its business customers who use or store significant quantities of fuel, oil and/or chemicals on site, should engage the services of an appointed supplier to conduct a spill risk site survey in line with current legislation. Allianz Cornhill has appointed Fosse Liquitrol as its preferred supplier of spill risk assessment services and spill control solutions.

Insurance policy conditions expect customers to take reasonable precautions to comply with statutory and other
Regulations and best practice procedures, but as Roger Hales, Chief Casualty Technical Surveyor at Alllianz Cornhill, explains:

“Every year, insurance companies deal with a number of claims for unforeseen events like burst holding tanks or hazardous liquid spills. Most insurance policies cover these types of events and monies can be reimbursed. But if hazardous substances are allowed to spill into and pollute local water courses, severe and lasting environmental damage can be caused. We hope that by assisting our customers to manage their spill risks, we can help to reduce environmental damage and the number of claims.”

“In order for us to recommend suitable spill risk assessors and solutions providers to our customers, we had a list of criteria that companies were required to meet. As an ISO 9001:2000 registered company and a leading member of the Sorbent Manufacturers Group of the British Safety Industry Federation, Fosse Liquitrol is integrally involved in promoting industry best practice in spill prevention and control. We were very impressed with the level of professionalism that Fosse demonstrated, and feedback from their previous customers was all extremely positive.”
Roger Hales, Chief Casualty Technical Surveyor at Alllianz Cornhill

Fosse Liquitrol has a team of specialists who will carry out a free site survey and produce a report that will include recommendations on liquid storage and handling, management practices, spill equipment and training to bring a site up to compliance with current and future legislative requirements and best practice. The range of solutions Fosse offers includes bulk tank and bund replacement, repair or relining, bund drainage and pumping, IBC and drum handling and storage equipment, spill kits and absorbents and accredited spill risk training courses.

“Through proper spill risk management and control, environmental damage, product loss and potential litigation can all be avoided. We are delighted to be working with Allianz Cornhill in this positive step towards the minimisation of environmental pollution.”
Miles Hillmann, Managing Director of Fosse Liquitrol

Current regulations affect all industrial, commercial, or institutional sites that externally store at least 200 litres of oil in drums, intermediate bulk containers or fixed tanks. The IPPC Directive applies to all companies in the European Union by 2007.