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The Global Leader in Spill Prevention, Containment and Control Products

Since 1988 ENPAC has introduced over 500 market-leading products engineered to store, contain, dispense from, isolate or transport your hazardous materials safely, comply with codes and regulations, a and be your solution for everyday containment needs.

  • ENPAC Products reach the market after complete product performance testing, exceeding everyday working environments, in situations where the product is subjected to heavier loadings, in hotter or cooler applications, for longer periods.
  • ENPAC Products have been successfully used in applications varying from the bitter cold of Antarctica to the heat of the most arid deserts, as well as your usual working environments.
  • ENPAC Products are backed by over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high quality containment equipment, enabling the range to be supported by long guarantees against failure due to manufacturing defects – summed up by Superior Quality, Built to Last.
  • ENPAC Products are made from 100% virgin polyethylene, incorporating UV stabilisers for unit integrity and colour fastness, and allowing the range to be compatible for use with a vast number of different chemicals.
ENPAC’s Overpack range is the largest available anywhere, from the smallest, the 75 litre Overpack 20, up to the huge 2270 litre Overpack 600. All, up to the Overpack 110 are UN rated as both Group 1 containers and Salvage Drums, and with the new Envirosalv Drum, you have a locking Salvage Drum, which passes extensive Drop and Stack testing.

ENPAC’s Poly Dolly and Poly Rack Systems both have a unique and patented feature – an enclosed sump. Which means that any spilt liquid is safely contained within the sump – safe for moving about, safe for emptying the unit, and is the only drum trolley or storage unit with this advantage.

All ENPAC Pallets and Workfloors are available with purpose-made Tarp Covers, fitting over the unit with drums in place, allowing use outside without rainwater contamination of the sump. Tarp covers extend to the Poly Dolly and Overpack.

Only ENPAC has such a large range of Flexible and Temporary Spill Containment options, and with ENPAC’s design, the whole of the unit is available for storage, with all support struts on the exterior of the Berm. From the Spillpal, suitable for one drum, to the Stinger Snap-Foam Berm, large enough for a road tanker to drive-in, ENPAC is second to none in flexible containment. ENPAC’s custom berm option allows any application to be considered.