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Chemical Spill Neutralisation

Picture of 'Vytac Alkali Neutraliser (1 x 0.9 kg) in use'

Fosse Liquitrol proudly uses Vytac Neutralisers

Safe chemical spill response should always begin with neutralisation

  • Operative safety is a key priority when responding to spills
  • Disposal costs can be dramatically reduced by converting the waste from a hazardous waste to a general waste.

Chemical spills are commonly dealt with by deploying absorbent material such as pads, rolls and socks.
Traditional absorbents do not neutralise spilt liquids thereby increasing the risk of harm to the responder.
Neutralisation of the chemical before clean up is:

  • Safe and effective. Reduces the risk of operator exposure to hazardous chemicals.
  • Innovative builtin colour indicator system shows when neutralisation is complete.
  • Cost effective. After neutralisation residues are no longer considered hazardous and can be disposed of through the general waste system.

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