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Fosse Liquitrol and the BSIF believes the waste management sector will find this report useful

It clearly sets out the key elements of best practice and how they can be achieved by small and big companies handling and recycling waste.


This report has been commissioned by the Environment Agency in partnership with the BSIF and it discusses the issues that the waste management industry faces in preventing spills and limiting environmental hazards.

This report reveals the ugly truth about liquid spills within the waste management industries. It describes how money and the environment can be saved by following best practices and how businesses can adopt best practices by applying simple steps in spill prevention and containment.

The waste management industry works hard to manage all that is thrown at it. However pollution from waste spills can so easily undo all of the good work. Therefore, ensuring best practice in preventing spills is a key objective, and this report aims to show the art of the possible and encourages waste operators to do what is right for their businesses and the environment.

The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) and the Environment Agency (EA) commissioned this research to focus specifically on spills from the waste industry because this industry has a high frequency of contamination caused by spills posing a risk to customers, employers, the environment and very significantly, the business itself.

The report gives an insight into the most common spills faced by waste companies on and off site, how the companies handle them and what best practice they could implement in future. The report also outlines the key spill issues faced by the industry.

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