Fosse Liquitrol’s primary goal is to support companies, via its extensive distributor network, in ensuring that they are aware of their commitments and legal responsibility to the environment when handling potential pollutants such as oils, chemicals, and fuels.

Ensuring that business premises follows environmental best practices, total preparedness for dealing with a spill incident, and understanding the environmental impact and penalties involved will help ensure that your site follows environmental legislation and pollution prevention guidelines.

Three Factors

Prevention of spills is paramount to any business operation dealing with potential pollutants. To ensure that your site is equipped Fosse Liquitrol provide Secondary Containment products, such as Spill Pallets, Drip Trays, Bunded Stores, Bunded Tanks, and Absorbent Matting Systems, these products ensure that should a spill occur there’s a secondary containment device to contain the spill.

Secondary Containment systems minimise the environmental impact of a spill, and the effort required to clean up the mess.

Prevention of Spills Products:

Operator safety is a key priority when responding to a spill. Spills involving aggressive liquids such as acids, alkalis, mercury, formaldehyde, body fluids, or bleach can pose a serious hazard to the operator and the environment.

Traditional absorbents do not neutralise a spill, thereby increasing the risk to the responder. By neutralising the spill prior to clean up, using one of Fosse Liquitrol’s Neutralising agents, can reduce risk of operator exposure to a hazardous spill, and reduce disposal costs by rendering a hazardous waste, non-hazardous general waste.

Spillage Neutralisation Products:

In the event of a spill a business must be prepared to rapidly respond to the situation, to ensure the health and safety of the site and its operators, and the environment.

The correct equipment is required to contain and absorb the spill, and ensure that the spill does not enter any drainage systems that could lead to any watercourses, or water processing facilities. Polluting watercourses can cause substantial environmental damage and lead to legal penalties in terms of fines and convictions.

Fosse Liquitrol supplies a full range of Absorbents, Spill Kits, and Drain Sealing products to respond to such an event. We also provide Operator Spill Training Courses to equip your staff with the knowledge on how to deploy this specialist equipment in the most environmentally friendly and effective way.

Spillage Response Products:

  • Absorbent Cushions

    Absorbent Cushions (5)

  • Absorbent Granules

    Absorbent Granules (7)

  • Absorbent Pads

    Absorbent Pads (45)

  • Absorbent Rolls

    Absorbent Rolls (18)

  • Absorbent Socks

    Absorbent Socks (15)

  • Spill Kits

    Spill Kits (236)

  • Drain Protection & Leak Sealing

    Drain Protection & Leak Sealing (10)

  • Spill Mate

    Spill Mate(10)