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Effective spill management requires adequate preparation and speed of response. Having the appropriate spill response products in place for rapid response is only part of the solution.
Training in the correct management and deployment of spill response assets is a vital component of any successful incident response plan.

Object of the course

The primary objective is to provide first responders at a spillage incident with the basic know-how and techniques to safely use sorbent products to recover the spilt substance and limit any escape into the environment.


Prior to training taking place, a comprehensive review of the client’s site is carried out to ensure that the
training course is relevant to the site at which the training will take place.
The audit covers:

  • Types and volumes of liquids held on site
  • Identifying any potential spill hazards
  • Identify any shortcomings or non-compliance with statutory regulations / legislation
  • Audits current spill response assets, plans, and procedures
  • Review of condition and suitability of secondary containment systems and or fix bunds

Topics covered

  • Environmental threats and spillage impact
  • Health and safety implications
  • Spill prevention practices – storage, handling and transportation of liquids
  • Spill response
  • Simulated spill exercise
  • After spill analysis

Location of training courses: On site
Duration of course: Half a day
Maximum number of delegates: 12 delegates


Our spill awareness training courses are accredited by the BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation) and address the environmental, safety, and best practices when dealing with a hazardous spill. Each participant will be awarded an Accredited Spill Prevention and Response Certificate upon completion of the course.


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Bespoke Requirements

We are also able to tailor a course to your requirements please call us for details.