Helping companies to overcome their oil, chemical or other fluid spill and containment problems is our business.

Fosse Liquitrol manufactures a wide range of spill response and spill containment products and provides a comprehensive range of services to assist companies prevent and cope with liquid spills.

Established in 1984, Fosse Liquitrol has become industry’s ‘first choice’ for spill prevention, containment and control products. Our products deliver a blend of quality, performance, reliability and value for money. Our knowledge and expertise has assisted countless businesses across all industry sectors both in the UK and abroad, find practical, sensible and cost effective solutions to their spillage control requirements, helping them to meet their legal and moral obligations while contributing towards a cleaner, greener, environment. Our work with governmental and nongovernmental organisations puts us at the forefront of spill control, both in the UK and abroad.

Our Commitments to Spill Response:

Commitment to the spill response and spill containment market and the ability to innovate in products, services and technology is the key to the rapid development of Fosse Liquitrol. Fosse is a dynamic, privately owned company with a string of Awards for innovation in products and services.

Fosse Liquitrol is committed to supplying the spill response and spill containment market through our extensive distributor network. Our Technical Specialists located throughout the UK and Ireland work in close partnership with our network of approved distributors. Fosse Liquitrol has extended its supply base into both Western and Eastern Europe. In 2001 Fosse Liquitrol Polska was established in collaboration with our Czech and Polish partners to offer our successful range of products to Poland, the largest and most rapidly growing market in the PreAccession Eastern European States. Since then Fosse Liquitrol has established distributors in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, in each of the Middle Eastern countries, in Singapore, Far Eastern countries, and in South America.

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Our New Brochure:

We have assembled the most comprehensive range of spill prevention and control products currently available. Furthermore, we have worked hard to make the brochure informative whilst retaining ’simplicity of design’ that makes finding and selecting the right products simple and straightforward.
Inside you will find two new absorbent and spill kit ranges; Spilkleen and Spilchoice and two new spill containment ranges Enpac and Eco Black.

Our Ranges:

Fosse Liquitrol Spilkleen Brand Logo

“Simple and Effective”

A cost effective absorbent that combines durability, versatility and performance. Ideal for use on all workplace spills and leaks. Manufactured from high quality melt blown polypropylene, it is tough andhighly absorbent

Fosse Liquitrol Spilchoice Brand Logo

“Performance and Endurance”

The addition of a tough spun bonded cover sheet enhances strength and resilience, whilst reducing linting.
A higher loft yields increased absorbency and improved liquid retention. Spilchoice absorbents are ideal for use in tougher environments where superior performance is essential.

Fosse Liquitrol International Logo

Fosse Liquitrol Branded Products

Fosse Liquitrol Branded Products include our everyday range of Secondary Containment Items, Absorbent Dispensing Systems, Drain Protection Items, Mats and Matting, Wheeled Bins, and Bunded Tanks / Stores

100% Recycled Material

100% Recycled Material

A new range of spill pallets manufactured from 100% recycled material. Strong, durable, fully compliant and kind on the environment.

Enpac Brand Logo

Enpac Branded Product

A globally recognised range of high quality spill containment products incorporating a host of innovative features.

Vytac Professional Neutralisation

Vytac Professional Neutralisation

The UK’s exclusive distribution of Vytac Professional Neutralisers.

Why Choose Us:

  • Our standards – Conformant to BS 7959
  • All spill response products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards
  • Provides immediate supply of the highest performance and most cost-effective spill response products on the marketplace
  • As a member of the Absorbents Manufacturing Group : British Safety Industry Federation, Fosse Liquitrol is integrally involved in promoting industry best practice recommendations for oil and chemical spill response and spill containment and played an active role in the creation of the new BS 7959 absorbent test standards.
  • Accreditied in November 2004 by the British Safety Industry Federation to deliver our on-site Spill Risk Minimisation Training Programme.


  • SMART Awards (Small Firms Merit Awards for Research and Technology) in 1986
  • MIDAS Award for innovative technology in 1986
  • SMART Awards (Small Firms Merit Awards for Research and Technology) in 1990
  • DEMOS Award in 1992 (DTIs Environmental Management Options Scheme)
  • Innovation Award in the Leicestershire Business Awards in 2000

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Examples of Our Work:

Whatever your requirement, we are confident that you will find a product or service that forfils your spill control needs within our range

If not, then simply call our team of trained professionals on +44 (0) 843 2211-960 who will be more than happy to assist you.